Skin in the Game

In an era marked by monumental challenges, from global health crises to renewed demands for racial justice, the state of Black businesses stands at a critical crossroads. Our new Black Business Report, titled "Skin In The Game: A Closer Look at How Supplier Diversity Programs Impact Black Businesses", shines a light on the undeniable disparities that Black entrepreneurs face.

A Closer Look

The tumultuous aftermath of George Floyd’s death combined with the harsh impact of COVID-19, which saw 53% of Black businesses reporting a significant revenue drop, underscored the pre-existing systemic imbalances. Despite the rallying cries and corporate pledges worth billions, many Black businesses remain on the brink, illustrating that addressing these gaps requires more than mere commitments—it calls for tangible, impactful solutions.

Dive into our Black Business Report to gain a comprehensive understanding of the hurdles faced by Black entrepreneurs and explore innovative pathways to foster sustainable growth and success in the Black business community.

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