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Our Mission:
Empowering Black Business Owners

At Black Business Boom, we are on a mission to empower and champion
the economic growth of Black business owners. We act as catalysts,
linking entrepreneurs to an extensive network of resources and opportunities.

A Dynamic Ecosystem: Where Success Thrives

Through strategic partnerships, we’ve built a robust platform to uplift and drive Black businesses forward.

Our ecosystem provides access to capital, mentorship and resources, ensuring businesses not only survive but thrive. 

Boomin University:
Nurturing Excellence

Through our nonprofit organization Boomin University, Black business owners can apply for scholarships to get free or discounted access to training programs and one-on-one coaching. . 

In partnership with Kiva, Boomin University extends zero % interest loans, further empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Tailored Support:
Your Gateway to Success

Discover the tailored support you need at Black Business Boom. Our platform offers comprehensive assistance, addressing the unique needs of each Black owned business. 

Our team of ICF certified coaches provides Black business owners with personalized advice to grow and scale their business.

Collaboration for Impact: Partnering for Success

Our collaborations with CDFIs, Business Support Organizations, Financial Institutions, and Corporations are founded on a shared commitment to champion economic growth for Black entrepreneurs, creating relationships that drive impact and prosperity.

Join the Network: Ignite Your Success

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Empower entrepreneurs and small business owners by contributing to our Boomin University programs and the Boomin Loan Fund.


Make a difference in the lives of small business owners by dedicating just 30 minutes a month as a mentor, providing invaluable advice and support.


Join us in spreading awareness about our initiatives and programs, and be a catalyst for positive change in your community.

Together, we're creating a thriving ecosystem
that champions Black entrepreneurship.