Black Business Boom



Marketing for Small Black Owned Businesses

Marketing is imperative to the success of a business. And with 4.6 billion cell phones being used globally, it is important that business owners have a mobile marketing strategy that employs the use of technology to reach their customers on their cell phones. Black Business Boom and the Boomin' app is helping to bridge the gap between business owners and their customers through the use of all of the technology. 

Our mission is to help 1000 Black businesses grow through the use of technology and mobile marketing. We have a full suite of tech marketing products that are available at an affordable price.  Having a cost efficient and effective mobile marketing place can yield the following benefits; improved brand loyalty, better customer satisfaction, more inbound traffic, increased brand awareness, higher conversion rates and increased brand authority.

Here are four of the  affordable marketing solutions that we offer:

Digital coupons: These are free electronic retail and online coupons that can be loaded to your loyalty account or store accounts. They can also be sent via text or email. Coupons are changing the consumers shop and impacting the purchasing decisions of all most 70% of Americans. Studies say that consumers prefer digital coupons that are easy to use. Digital coupons increase customer engagement on mobile platforms, increase overall sales and upsell opportunities and gives the business owner better control over when to makes sales. 

Digital Loyalty Programs: A structured and long term marketing effort which provides incentives to repeat customers. 87% of shoppers reported that they want brands to have a loyalty program with 50% preferring a digital program. Loyalty programs are designed to motivate customers to return often and shun competitors. 

Location Based Marketing: A direct marketing strategy that uses a mobile device’s location to alert owner about an offering from a nearby business. This helps to bridge the gap between online and physical customer experiences and promotes impulse purchases. Through the use of geofencing, sensors and beacons, business owners are able to send messages directly to customers that are nearby or inside of their business.

Social Wi-Fi: Involves offering free or paid access to the internet via the business' in-store Wi-Fi network. Customers sign in using their email address, mobile phone number or Facebook account giving the business an opportunity to send future targeted messages directly to their customer's mobile device. Social Wi-Fi is a great opportunity to capture the contact information of customers that you would typically miss.